Halloween at Waddesdon Manor

*The contents in this post is provided for general information and is based on personal experience of our day out. I did not receive money or any other compensation for this post.


Being a mother of a child on the autism spectrum, it can sometimes be difficult knowing where to visit during the holidays. With the Halloween season approaching, my son decided to face his fears and wanted to venture out and experience the festivities of the holidays.

Waddesdon Manor

We chose to visit Waddesdon Manor. We wanted this adventure to be a fangtastic experience. I went onto Waddesdon Manor’s website and looked at their accessibility page. I then scrolled down the page and clicked onto a link titled: My Waddesdon Checklist. Let’s pause and take a moment to appreciate how impressive this is! (Now back to the visit). So, without any hesitation here is what I did:

  • Downloaded the checklist.
  • Printed off the checklist.
  • Cut out the images.
  • Made a cup of tea. (of course)
  • Attached the images in the column titled: This is what I will see or do.
A photo of my Waddesdon checklist for autistic visitors
Waddesdon Checklist

Our Day Out

I was feeling like a Super Mum with my son’s fidget toys in one hand and the checklist in the other.

We arrived at Waddesdon Manor at 10am. With barely any queues we presented our online tickets then hopped onto the free shuttle bus. It was nice to see a lot of signposts around the area directing us to The Aviary, Manor House, Gardens, Playground, and The Stables.

My son using the Waddesdon Manor visual checklist
My son ticking off his checklist

Manor House

We had allocated timeslots for the manor, which was a bonus for us. A guide handed my son a children’s Poupon’s viewfinder. This was the gem of the day. You spin the dial, enter the room selected and try and find the image that the arrow pointed to.

A photo of the Poupon's Viewfinder from Waddesdon Manor
Poupon’s Viewfinder

A systematic and visual aid for my child. Yes, please!

I have to say that I was extremely impressed with our visit to Waddesdon Manor. It was fewer tricks and more of a visual treat.

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