February Half Term 2019

february half term blog


I always do a countdown for my son in the lead up to any school holiday because he has a poor perception of time, understanding of the seasons and days of the week. If it has no relevance to him, then he is not interested. This particular half-term has led to more confusion as although his half term holiday has already started, in other counties some children are off school next week.


My son had a pre-birthday bowling party, not on his actual birthday so that one of his friends could attend. I just had to reassure him that it was not his birthday yet at bowling.

My son enjoyed the VIP bowling followed by a McDonald’s. It was only a small celebration with six children. He thoroughly enjoyed the day, and all the children and adults too had fun.


Early Sunday morning we attended the Natural History Museum’s autism friendly Dawnosaurs event. The Natural History Museum is one of my son’s favourite museums to visit. He is just fascinated by space, volcanoes, insects, dinosaurs, whales, and sharks.

Art and Staying Indoors

The rest of Sunday, we just relaxed indoors while my son made a couple cardboard creations.

A cardboard art creation made by my autistic son
Cardboard art made by my son

On Monday it was both sunny and icy outside. Although this may be a minor thing to point out, it really does frustrate my son when the weather changes throughout the day. The weather in the UK is so fickle and unpredictable anyway. Nevertheless, as we had such a busy weekend, Monday we just stayed indoors watching movies and playing together on the PlayStation.

Change in Routine

Whenever there is a change in my son’s routine, (like a school holiday) or I try to make it more flexible, it does require a lot more planning ahead of time. When I planned anything for my son it did initially feel like a chore; however, now it is already integrated into our lifestyle, so it does not feel like I am going out of my way. I actually enjoy it now and have gained many skills from doing so.

Most importantly, I wanted to spend the February half term bonding with my son, having that mother-son relationship. It is very easy to fill up every day of the holidays with loads of activities to do, but sometimes it is just as enjoyable to have a couple of days relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.