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*This post is based on our visit to Thomley and is for information purposes. I volunteered to write this post about our experience. I received no payment or any other commission for this post.

Visiting Thomley

On 23rd February 2019, my son, me and my partner visited Thomley, which is located in Worminghall, Buckinghamshire.

Thomley is a 9 acre site in the countryside aimed to provide a supportive environment with “a wide variety of play, leisure, creative and vocational opportunities for disabled people” (Thomley Annual Review 2017) along with being a place for: “people of all abilities and disabilities”

Nominated as a finalist for the Little Ankle Biters Awards 2019 for the: “Best Family Attraction,” Thomley is an open spaced environment, which is very resourceful and inclusive. Joe Kitchen, Service Manager explains that “the venue is safe, secure, fun and there is something for everyone, regardless of their ability.” Not to mention that Thomley is a place for “the whole family, including siblings, cousins and friends.”

Enrolment Form and Loyalty Card

Before visiting Thomley, I filled out an enrolment form. We visited Thomley on a Saturday, which was allocated for a Disability Family Day.

On arrival, we received a Thomley Loyalty Card, which was stamped. If you get 5 stamps, then your sixth visit will be free.

loyalty card
Thomley Loyalty Card


We were delighted to see that Thomley offered a range of facilities:

Soft Play Area

The soft play area also has a ball pit.

The soft play area at Thomley
Soft Play Area

Outdoor Play Area

The Outdoor area has a covered sandpit, an adapted swing, an access ramp, zip wire, outdoor trampoline, go-karts and tricycles plus much more!

I admired the outdoor music area and my son and partner thoroughly enjoyed playing basketball.

The outdoor area has a mud kitchen and a new sensory arch. My son had fun playing in the park and riding on the tricycle.

Sensory Rooms

We booked half an hour in the larger sensory room, which has a hanging chair and bubble tubes. All of us felt so relaxed. We even sat in the ball pool, where the light changed different colours.

Teenage Den

Copyright © Photos above provided by Thomley

Art Room

Today’s theme was painting on foil. There was also a large tub out of air-dry putty.

Play and Imagination Rooms

My son enjoyed playing pool with another child. We briefly stayed in the music room, where my partner played the drums. (reliving his childhood)

Construction Room

The lego table at Thomley
All the Lego you want!


The Cafe serves both hot and cold food. The menu even had images of what food they had to offer. My son and I enjoyed a homemade cookie (which was nice and soft) and a drink. Thomley also has an accessible toilet.

Overall there is so much to do at Thomley, and I agree with Joe Kitchen (Service Manager) that it is a place for the whole family. Initially, we planned to visit Thomley for my son when although my son enjoyed himself, in the end my partner asked if we could visit again as he had such a great experience.

Activity Planner

There is an Activity Planner on their website to view what activities and workshops have been planned for the coming month. Thomley opening times are 10:00 am -3:30pm, Tuesday-Saturday, and Mondays in the school holidays. There is also an after-school youth club.


Thomley ask for a voluntary contribution towards your visit of £10 for visitors aged 7 and over, £8 for children between 2 and 6 and £6 for 1-year olds. There are no donations for parents/carers. There is a further £2 donation (per user) if you wish to book the larger sensory room for half an hour.

Thomley in Worminghall

For more information on the focus days for people with a disability, please follow the link: