Celebrations and Days of the Week


When we celebrated New Year’s Eve, my son was clueless as to why we would be celebrating coming into a new year. “If we celebrate a year then we should celebrate a month” he would say. The questions would continue: “if we have a Mother’s Day then why don’t we have a family day or a son day?” After looking on the internet, I would discover that there is actually such a thing as International Day of Families and Children’s Day.

Concept of Time

Even though my son has a talking alarm clock, which tells you what day it is as well as the time, he still struggles with the concept of time. I have lost count of how many times he has asked me, “is it the weekend?” He would know what day it was, however, had no concept of weekday and weekend. I soon realized that I was replying verbally to him and we kept on having the same conversation over and over. I was approaching this all in the wrong way. I needed to show him in a way that he could understand.

Weekdays and the Weekend

I thought of a visual way to explain to my son the concept of weekday and weekend.

Something small enough to fit in his pocket.

Weekdays and Weekends
Weekdays and Weekend Visual Support

I created a template, which I printed off and laminated. I then cut around the days of the week. I finished this off by marking an area where I pierced a whole (mind the fingers… health and safety)  and then used a split fastener to hold it together. The days that fall under the weekend are in a different colour to the weekdays.

Finished Sample
Finished Sample


Below are free templates of the days of the week in English, Italian and Spanish:

celebrations copyright


celebrations AT


celebrations disclaimer


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