Easter Fun at Animal Antiks

*This post is based on personal experience from our visit to the farm. I did not receive any payment or any other compensation for this post.

Yesterday we visited Animal Antiks on Manor Farm in Buckinghamshire.

The Easter fun day cost £25 and included an Easter egg hunt where the children had to find the painted wooden Easter eggs around the farm. At the end of the Easter egg hunt, the children were rewarded with a chocolate Easter egg.

My son took a goat for a walk (as you do) and groomed a pony.

He also fed the chickens and goats.

At the farm feeding a goat
Feeding the Goats

It was nice to see him doing tasks like collecting the animal food and carrying the grooming kit independently without having me to reassure him.

He was a natural with the farm animals, considering we have no pets of our own. He wasn’t at all hesitant and remained calm and relaxed. The sheep even warmed to him.

The best part for me was seeing my son smile throughout the day. At first, I was not sure if the experience would be for him, but I’m glad that we tried something different and gained a lot from it. My son wants to come back again.

me and my son looking out
Me and my son looking out

Animal Antiks use an animal-assisted approach to learning, which is suitable for most children with additional needs.

For more information on Animal Antiks, here’s the link to their website: https://www.animalantiks.co.uk/



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