Five Skills to be Independent

  1. Cooking

cooking image

I will be teaching my son about food nutrition and healthy eating  so that as he gets older, he will be able to make the right choices. This will help him to develop his life skills.

Over summer, my son and I will start cooking more, and I want to teach him how to cook two dishes each for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is no time limit for this, it is all about going at his pace and tailoring cooking to his needs. Together, we will comprise a list of his favourite food and develop the dishes from here. (you can check out my other post: What’s Your Flavour? to see what my son’s food preferences, and flavour combinations are at the moment).

I will be looking into kitchen utensils with adapted grips and research into what is out there on the market in terms of kitchen equipment that my son can confidently use.

  1. Personal Hygiene

personal hygiene

I am encouraging my son to take care of his appearance and to check how he looks in the mirror before going out. Just making sure that the bottom of his trousers isn’t tucked into his socks and that he brushes/styles his hair. There are a lot of hairbrushes that he isn’t too keen on using because of sensory sensitivity, so he usually uses his fingers with a bit of gel.

He has his own bag to put his toiletries in. My son is in control of choosing his own roll-on deodorant, face wash and shower gel. I want to include him as much as possible with the decision making. I am hoping that this will encourage him to get into a routine of using the products and taking care of himself.

  1. Food Shopping

I would like my son to be able to understand how to go food shopping. I will be using a social story to start off with and will either purchase or make a visual shopping list with symbols.

I will be teaching my son more about money handling and money denominations.

I want to encourage him to look at the signs in the shops. I will also be paying more attention to the signs. It is only as my son gets older that I look at things differently. I will be seeing if the signs are readable and what other resources shops have that will make shopping more accessible for my son.

  1. Gardening


My dad enjoys gardening, and my son has shown an interest in gardening too. My dad will be showing my son how to be responsible in taking care of the vegetables in my parent’s garden. He won’t be responsible for the whole garden but will have his own project. This will help give him confidence as well as understanding how to be patient, watching the vegetables grow over time.

  1. Packing His Own Bag

packing his own bag

I want my son to get into a routine of packing his own bag when staying at his dad’s place. I am thinking of creating a visual checklist so that he can go through it while packing.


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  1. These are wonderful ways to build a child’s independence. Connecting with nature through gardening is a relaxing experience and I believe children will find confidence in themselves when they know they can do something, such as cooking.

    I think any parent could use these tips to build their child’s independence!

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