Goosebumps Science With Gummy Bears

*This post is for information and educational purposes. Always ensure adult supervision when conducting science experiments.

Welcome to our little science experiment inspired by Goosebumps. (speaking in a ghoulish voice)

My son is a big fan of Goosebumps; so much so that he watches a Goosebumps film at least once a week. In the special features part of the Goosebumps 2 DVD, there are a few science experiments, explained by Slappy the Dummy and demonstrated by the actors in the movie.

Attack of the Gummy Bears

My son decided that he wanted to try out the Gummy Bears Experiment. In this experiment, we needed to find out what will happen to the Gummy Bears when placed into different liquids?

What we needed:

  • Gummy Bears
  • water
  • vegetable oil
  • salt
  • white vinegar
  • 4 clear cups
  • a pen
  • 1 piece of paper
  • Sellotape
  • Scissors


I asked my son what he thought might happen to each of the Gummy Bears when placed into a different liquid. I gave him a few examples of words while showing him the materials and also using my hands to show him big, small…etc

Here is a table of what my son thought the outcome would be:

a table of science hypothesis


1) We used a pen to write out the different labels onto paper (water, salt-water, vegetable oil, vinegar).

2) I cut out the 4 labels using a pair of scissors.

3) My son placed each label onto the clear cups using Sellotape.

labels in plastic cups

4) We filled each cup halfway with the liquid labelled on the cup.

cup with vinegar

5) My son placed a Gummy Bear each into a cup.

gummy bears and cups

6) We left the Gummy Bears in the solution for 15 hours.

a photo of the gummy bears in the liquid solutions


We used what is called a controlled Gummy Bear (an original Gummy Bear from the packet) to compare the other Gummy Bears with.

a photo of a gummy bear in water
Controlled Gummy Bear vs Gummy Bear in Water (some of the gummy bear in the water solution broke off)
a photo of a gummy bear in salt water
Controlled Gummy Bear vs Gummy Bear in Salt-Water
a gummy bear in vinegar
Controlled Gummy Bear vs Gummy Bear in Vinegar
a photo of a gummy bear in vegetable oil
Controlled Gummy Bear vs Gummy Bear in Vegetable Oil

the results, gummy bear science results, gummy bear experiment


My son and I said that it would have been better to keep the Gummy Bears in the liquid longer, so next time we would leave them in the liquid for 24 hours oppose to 15 hours.

We guessed our measurements, so next time it would be better to measure the liquid using a measuring jug so that each cup would have an equal amount of liquid in.

We used green, yellow and orange Gummy Bears (we ate half of the pack while setting up the experiment…oops!) Next time we will use all the same colour Gummy Bears.

I would love to do more science experiments for kids with my son at home. If anyone has any ideas of what our next experiments could be, please leave a message down below.

Enjoy Science? Why not share this post to inspire children/young people/adults and show them how fun Science can be! 🧪😃

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