Getting Ready For The Summer Holidays

My son breaks up from school soon, and I’ve been trying to figure out what to do for the holidays. One thing that I have made a start on is buying the school uniform. It’s so expensive, and I have only got the one child!

I will still be writing posts over the summer holidays, but they will be written in a shorter format. This is because I want to dedicate my time over the holidays to my son.

I have been struggling lately with hay fever, but I am determined not to let this stop me from enjoying the summer. Plus, I’ve stocked up on allergy tablets.

What’s the plan?

Well at some point, we shall be visiting the seaside for a day or two. I’ve also bought more art material and am planning on doing a few science activities with my son.

There’s this interactive museum that I am planning on taking my son to. I am confident that he will like it. There’s also an aquarium that I’ve been looking at online, so maybe we will go there.

We have a few road trips, but for most of the holidays, we will be staying local.

Outdoor Kit

Out of the cupboard and ready to be used this summer. I have a picnic blanket and a cool bag at the ready.

picnic blanket
picnic blanket and cool bag

My son and I also have a foldable camping chair each which comes with a drink’s holder.

Another part of our outdoor kit is a kite.


We have a bubble gun, bubble wand, bean bags and a ball. My son also has a basketball and football to play with.

Summer Outdoor Fun
Summer Outdoor Fun

Last but no means least, is my son’s favourite, the water gun.

water gun
water gun

My son’s swimming lessons will continue during the holidays, so there’s that familiarity with routine still there for him.

Most importantly, this summer, it will just be nice to spend quality time with my son over the holidays.

Audio Transcript:

Looking for ideas for summer, or free printable activities to do? Why not check out my post on Summer Activities.


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