Wellbeing and Mindfulness

Wellbeing Workshop

This week, I attended a local wellbeing workshop provided by Carers In Bedfordshire, which looked at how we connect, being active, taking notice, keep learning and giving. (5 steps to mental wellbeing)

I enjoyed the mindfulness colouring-in and found that my mind switched off from everything. I have decided that I will continue with this activity this summer as I found that it helped me to slow down.

I also learnt a bit of Arabic at this workshop. Here is my name in Arabic:

my name in Arabic
My name in Arabic

We sat in different groups, and my group consisted of people from three generations. It’s always nice to get a different perspective on things and advice from other people.

I was able to discuss some things I use to do, but life happened. That is what was important about this workshop for me, realising that I still can do those things I used to do.

I opened up and talked about how my dad when he was younger was great at art but gave it up to go into full-time work. I didn’t see him do any artwork growing up and that’s a shame. He will be retiring from work soon, so hopefully, he can continue his original dream.

I used to make cakes and sugar paste models but stopped doing this. Here are some decorations I made in the past:

Sugarcraft Decorations

A lot of my time is focused on my son, always planning and making sure that he is alright. Maybe now is the right time for me to set aside some time for myself.

I have been developing a story, brainstorming ideas and writing down notes over the year. Talking to other people has given me that needed encouragement to continue writing this story, and hopefully, one day, this story will turn into a book.

I visited my parents yesterday, and my dad went up their loft to bring down some of his artwork and my artwork from years ago. It’s incredible the things you forget you have done.

I enjoyed spending that time with my parents looking at mine and my dad’s artwork. Art runs in our family. My dad, my brother, my son, my niece and myself all have that creative side in us. (All inspiring artists)

I want to share some of that artwork with you:

My Dad’s Artwork

*All images and Content are Copyright (c) 2018 Positively ASD

My Artwork

*All images and Content are Copyright (c) 2018 Positively ASD

Audio Transcript:

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