Fun Science at Stockwood Discovery Centre

*This post is based on personal experience and is to be used for information purposes. I received no payment or any other compensation for this post.

My son and I started our holiday off with a visit to Stockwood Discovery Centre in Luton, Bedfordshire.

We planned to see the Interactive Science Exhibition with my friend and her kids.

We walked around Stockwood Park while my son used the nature trail checklist as we were waiting for the centre to open.

The Interactive Science Exhibition, which is produced by World Touring Exhibitions, is on at Stockwood Discovery Centre until 8th September. I paid £3.50 each for myself and my son to enter the exhibition.

a tornado
A Tornado

It was mesmerising watching a tornado forming, by the magic of science. There were several interactive machines, including an earthquake simulator and plasma balls.

The illusion of reflecting light was entertaining. The Bottomless Chasm looked like it went down forever.

The Bottomless Chasm at Stockwood Exhibition
The Bottomless Chasm

There were plenty of signs next to each device to show how to use it/interact with it. The signs explained the theory behind the machines.

We all found the Interactive Science Exhibition fun and entertaining.The Interactive Science Exhibition at Stockwood

After the exhibition, all of us had a picnic outside, followed by spending some time in the park.

My son and I had a great day out at the Interactive Science Exhibition.

Audio Transcript:


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