5 Creative Activities To Do This Halloween

  1. Family Painting

black, red and white skull

Whether you are looking for an activity for siblings to do together, or you have an only child and want to find an activity to do with them, painting is something for all.

You can use paper, card or cardboard to paint on or buy some Halloween items from the shops. I bought a pack of three ceramic skulls and a Mache peacock.

We used acrylic paints, glitter, PVA glue and assorted round gems.

You can paint something creepy looking like we did with the skulls:

painting halloween skulls
Halloween Skulls

Or you can paint a decorative art piece, as we did with the peacock, using colours associated with Halloween.

Decorative autumn peacock
Autumn Peacock

(Note: I usually buy paints and craft material gradually over the year to use for rainy days and during the half term.)

  1. Halloween Baking


One of the more affordable biscuits to make at home is shortbread. You only need three ingredients for a basic shortbread: plain flour, butter and caster sugar.

We already had Halloween cookie cutters in my baking cupboard. We used a skull, ghost and pumpkin shapes. You can use round cookie cutters if you like instead of Halloween cookie cutters.

We wanted to have two decoration options so bought sugar paste icing (white, orange, green and purple) and edible cake pens.

3. Sensory Box

Halloween sensory box

A sensory box, tray or bin is great for sensory stimulation. If you know someone apprehensive about Halloween, then it is a good idea to help them become familiar with things that you may relate with Halloween. You can use different textures, items you may see this time of year, and colours that relate to Halloween.

My son explored our Halloween Sensory Box, which contained:

  • Orange and black pearl clay
  • Artificial spiders
  • Mini Pom Poms
  • Halloween tinsel
  • Artificial pumpkins, leaves, pinecones and acorns.

(Note: If a person is unsure about Halloween, then it is a good idea to have the sensory box open so that there is no element of surprise.)

  1. Halloween Craft

halloween craft

I give credit to my son for number 4. If you want to be inventive, then you can make your own Halloween ornaments. You can use any art and craft material and just let your inspiration guide you. Another option is to adapt original items and make them your own.

My son used the following:

  • Artificial pumpkins (from our sensory box)
  • Foam sheets
  • Black and orange pipe cleaners
  • Orange and green popsicle sticks
  • Orange and black pearl clay (he used this like glue to stick things together)
  • Googly eyes
  • A tiny amount of Sellotape
popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners
Popsicle Sticks and Pipe Cleaners

Here’s the trio of pumpkins that my son decorated, using his craft skills:

pumpkin craft figures made for halloween
Halloween Pumpkin Figures
  1. Gruesome Slime

homemade slime

Making slime is an excellent Halloween activity to do. For us, it wasn’t about getting the consistency right for our slime, but to have fun while making it.

For our slime we used:

  • PVA glue
  • Water
  • Glitter
  • Halloween sequences
  • Bicarbonate of soda (from my baking cupboard)
  • Black and red food colouring (also from my baking cupboard)
  • Shaving foam
  • Borax (from one of my son’s science kits)

We wanted fluffy slime, so we used shaving foam, although you don’t have to use this.

We poured the mixture into jars and then poured it out onto our pumpkin tray.

(Note: adult supervision needed when using borax.)

Audio Transcript:


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