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Christmas Wreath

At the weekend, my son decided that he wanted to make a Christmas wreath, and I thought that this was a great idea.

We ventured out to buy the materials we needed to make the wreath. My son was deciding on which wreath to buy. He concluded to base his design using a green artificial wreath.

artificial wreath
artificial wreath

My son then let his inspiration guide him as he gazed at the selection of craft material. He placed a packet of dried orange slices, apple slices, pine cones and cinnamon sticks into the basket. (what a fruity combination)

packs of wreath decorations
Wreath Decorations

He followed this by wanting a red berry and pine pick as the main feature for his wreath.

Red Berry and Pine Pick
Red Berry and Pine Pick

All that was left to get was a hot glue gun, which I already had.

Back at home, and it was craft time. I carefully showed my son how to use the glue gun (health and safety).

Next, he evenly distributed the orange and apple slices, cinnamon sticks and pine cones around the wreath.

fruity christmas decorations
wreath decorations on a tray

I could tell that he was so pleased with the outcome.

Here is the finished wreath:

A fruity homemade christmas wreath
Christmas Wreath

The Christmas wreath has an alluring aroma to it, which I suppose is a bonus when you have a sensory seeking child.

Christmas Cracker

I attended my local carers’ Christmas craft workshop (Carers in Bedfordshire) to create a seasonal decoration.

I made a black and white Christmas cracker from a card template provided followed by folding, using glue and decorating it. I bedazzled my cracker with white adhesive pearls and added a hint of gold for colour. I finished the elegant design off with some gold ribbon.

make your own christmas cracker craft decoration
Black, White & Gold Christmas Cracker

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