Chocolate With A Social Cause: Harry Specters

*This post is for information purposes and I paid for the product using my own money. I received no payment or any other compensation for this post.

*All the photos in this post are my own. Both my partner and I took the photos.

Harry Specters

Harry Specters is a business that creates award-winning luxury chocolate. Their mission is to “raise awareness about autism” and generate employment for young autistic adults. They offer a product that is ethically sourced, has no artificial flavours and is gluten-free.

I purchased some chocolate and decided to write a product review on some of their chocolate. I wanted to encourage my son to express himself, so his views and preferences have been included.

A Bit Of Everything

A bit of everything christmas chocolate selection

In the lead up to Christmas, I decided to purchase A Bit Of Everything Christmas Chocolate Selection box at the price of £16. In this box, you get 12 handmade chocolates. You also get a choice of having the chocolate packaged in either a red or blue box.

The Review

1. Maple & Pecan

My son’s comment: “I love the pieces of nuts”.

The use of organic Canadian maple syrup gives the chocolate a touch of warmness. The nuts create more dimension of flavour and texture.

2. Sea Salt Caramel

My son’s comment: “Sweet caramel, I like the saltiness”.

The smoked Maldon sea salt is present at the start as you bite into the chocolate and more prominent as a lasting flavour. Salted caramel is currently a popular choice, but I love the twist of adding a smokiness to it. Using brown sugar makes the chocolate moist.

3. Mint

My son’s comment: “I love the yumminess of it”.

In my opinion, this is where the use of natural ingredients excels using mint leaves. I am not a fan of artificial mint flavour, so it was a pleasant surprise to taste the freshness of mint. This chocolate also has a silky smoothness to it.

4.  Apple Cinnamon

My son’s comment: Delicious”.

This chocolate is one of the slightly sweeter ones. They accomplished that warm winter pudding taste with this chocolate.

5. Banana Caramel

My son’s comment: “I like the banana flavour”.

This chocolate has a real banana taste to it, using banana puree. I feel that using milk chocolate was the right choice. I generally like banana desserts, so I enjoyed this chocolate.

6. Salted Lime Caramel

My son’s comment: “The taste is fruity and good”.

The taste of lime is at the forefront of all the flavours. I appreciate the sour, salty and sweet flavour combination. Any chocolate that has a hint of lemon or lime in is a winner for me.

7. Tellicherry Pepper

My son’s comment: ”Yes, I like it, spicy”.

Unique flavours like Tellicherry pepper is the kind of chocolate my son savours. Straight away you get a kick of the pepper. I feel that this is a chocolate for the adventurous and who like trying different flavour combinations.

8. Pistachio

My son’s comment: “It’s delicious”.

As soon as you bite into the chocolate, you can identify it being pistachio from its green colour. The chocolate has both a creamy and nutty texture, and I like that the pistachio flavour isn’t at all subtle. (There is a mixture of pistachio paste, oil and chopped nuts used).

9. Rose and Cardamom

My son’s comment: “I love it”.

Rose and cardamom signify a fabulous flavour combination that works well together. My preference is fruity chocolate, but both my son and partner very much enjoyed this one.

10. Dark Caramel

My son’s comment: “ Yum, it is rich”.

You can get sweet dark chocolate out there, but my preference for dark chocolate is it needs to have at least 60% cocoa solids. It was everything I expected from dark chocolate, not too sweet.

11 & 12.  Merry Christmas Chocolates

Merry Christmas Chocolates
Christmas Chocolates

One of the Merry Christmas Chocolates has decorative writing on with the other displaying a festive tree. Both chocolates contain chocolate ganache. The chocolates are smooth and creamy, everything you want from a Christmas Chocolate.

The Conclusion

Overall the A Bit Of Everything Christmas Selection from Harry Specters has a good range of chocolates with their distinct style and taste. We valued the product for its quality, using natural ingredients, and for the brand being socially aware and vocal in increasing employment for autistic people.

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