12 Days of Christmas Activities

*This post is for educational and information purposes and shows some ideas to do over Christmas.

With it being cold and windy outside, and Christmas soon approaching, I wanted to share some festive creativity that my son and I conjured up. Inspired by the 12 days of Christmas, I decided to do a 12 indoor activities Christmas theme.

  1. Ranking Christmas Movies

My son and I enjoy watching all the classic films. We decided to rate the movies that we watched out of ten and then ranked our top 10 favourite films. What a great idea! Here is a table for us to compare:

christmas films, christmas movies, our favourite films
Our Top 10 Christmas Movies
  1. Matching Pairs Game (Using Photos)

matching pairs game
matching pairs cards

We decided to use scanned in Christmas photos for our matching pairs game, where you turn over two photos at a time to see if the images match.

It’s a great memory game and a good idea to reminisce over Christmas snapshots from the past. My son enjoyed seeing our photos in this way too.

  1. Family Games

hungry frogs, dominoes

Of course, I had to include the traditional family board games on our list. I brought the games out then placed them on the floor ready to play a game of Dominoes and Hungry Frogs.

Us playing Dominoes

What are your favourite family board games?

  1. Make Your Own Board Game

christmas board game

We decided to be a bit inventive and designed our board game using cardboard. We used acrylic paints and foam sheets (in festive colours) and created circles using a round cookie cutter. I then wrote on the green, white and red circles numbers up to 24, marking the days leading up to Christmas.

We used small baubles and glued them down onto a bit of cardboard to use as counter pieces. I placed Santa at the start of our game and the Christmas tree at the finishing post. We used pipe cleaners as candy canes to mark the counter moving down them when we landed on them. I also drew a net of the cube on the card for the dice.

  1. Christmas Art

My son enjoying painting

The art box came out of the cupboard, and we got busy with creating masterpieces.

We used: canvases, paints, artificial snow, green and red buttons, PVA glue and matchsticks.

We also used: a picture frame, beads and sequences, glitter pots and tubes, Merry Christmas wooden toppers and a wooden reindeer used as a stencil

  1. Snow in a Jar

snow in a jar table decor

We used a glass jar and my son filled some of it up with artificial snow. My son then carefully placed LED fairy lights inside the jar. He included some snowmen to the winter theme.

We then turned off our living room lights and gazed at its beauty. (so simple, yet so effective.)

  1. Christmas Science

Christmas science

We used a jar and filled it up with oil, then water and used green food colouring too.

We added Christmas sparkles and small artificial snowballs to make the science experiment festive. I then added 2 Alka Seltzer tablets into the jar.

foaming agent and dye
foaming agent and food colouring

(Caution: adult supervision will be needed for this. Do not put Alka Seltzer tablets in your mouth and keep them out of reach of small children. They may also cause irritation to eyes.)

The finale of our experiment is that we created a snowstorm.

snowstorm, science snowstorm, festive science

  1. Puzzles

festive puzzle

There are many festive puzzles out there to enjoy together as a family. (Great for a visual thinker and someone who loves problem-solving, just like my son). You can now get 3d puzzles, as well as 2d.

christmas puzzle
My son and I with the puzzle
  1. Popcorn and Hot Chocolate Bar

hot chocolate bar

We used microwaved popcorn, and my son sprinkled brown sugar and cinnamon over it. I then served the popcorn up in retro popcorn boxes.

For our hot chocolate bar, we used plastic cups and filled them up with a selection of toppings. (Oreos, candy canes, sprinkles, chocolate covered pretzels, marshmallows, white chocolate chips and chocolate sticks). We also added some squirty cream on top.

Here is how my son decorated his hot cocoa:

  1. Christmas Pong (family addition)

christmas pong family game

There is no drinking involved with this game. It is a family-friendly version. We had six cups in total and painted two cups green and two cups red. I drew 2 Santa’s and glued them onto the white plastic cups.

I glued number 5 onto the green and red cups, and number 10 to the white.

It was my son’s idea to use a green Pompom as a ball to throw into the cups. If the pompom lands into a cup, then the number on that cup is how many points you get.

You get five goes each per game to throw the Pompom into the cups. You can record your scores by tallying them up or as we did, used hands as visual point cards. (One hand for 5 points and a pair of hands for 10 points)

  1. Karaoke

christmas karaoke

It doesn’t matter if you can sing, or not, it’s all about taking part and having fun. Christmas karaoke is a fun way to sing classic songs or make up your lyrics as you go along.

You can even add a few festive props to the occasion. (Don’t worry I won’t spoil you with my singing talent, as I laugh to myself)

karaoke props

  1. Festive Lego

festive lego, lego

We have a box of Lego at home. I decided to take it out and use the festive colours only. (red, green, white Lego. Etc)

My son and I are now ready to build whatever ideas we have in our heads. (Caution: stepping on Lego is painful so secure in one place).

(Keep an eye out on my social media pages for our Lego creation!)

Audio Transcript:

All ideas are Copyright (c) Positively ASD 2018


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