My Son’s T-Shirt Design

* Always have adult supervision when doing lino printing.


Our first project of exploring printmaking is Lino printing on fabric. We used a lino printing kit containing lino cutters, blocks, ink rollers and an ink tray.

  • My son created a design on a soft cut block using a pencil.
my sons design
My son’s design
  • I used the lino cutters to carve out his design, carving away from me (health and safety).
carve out design
carving and cutting the design
  • My son then squeezed out Crimson Red fabric paint onto a tray.
tray of red paint
Tray of Crimson Red paint
  • He used an ink roller to roll out the paint and then inked his lino block.
  • I laid out a white t-shirt on to a large black tray ready for printing.
white t shirt
Plain white t-shirt
  • My son transferred his painted design onto the t-shirt, using a clean roller for extra force.
  • He painted the rest of the t-shirt using the following fabric paint colours:

My son applied paint on either side of his print to create two skulls.

He also painted out a landscape design straight onto the t-shirt. His depiction of landscape focuses on the use of triangular shapes that he identifies with to represent mountains.

My son has created an art piece infused with natural colours from the greenery of the grass and deep blue of the sky. There is also a subtle warmth from the use of beaming lemon yellow.

He has achieved a horizon line creating an illusion of dimension, with the green triangular shapes up close and the darker mountains in the distance.


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