February Half Term 2020

Before I start explaining what we have been up to this half term, I have a couple of topics to mention.

Phase Transfer

phase transfer

If I could give another parent/carer any advice when going through the school phase transfer process, I would encourage you to have a good support network around you.

Transitioning to a new phase of education (from my experience) is emotionally draining and has put a lot of stress on me.

I won’t go into too much detail, but it’s questionable if an EHCP is a person-centred approach when the person’s views remain disregarded.


baps awards 2020

It’s an honour to be a finalist in the Newcomer category for the BAPS (bloody awesome parents) SEND Blog Awards. My Family, Our Needs, and Bringing Us Together created the BAPS.

Voting is now opened, and you can vote for Positively ASD if you like as a Newcomer. However, more importantly, the link provides you with a connection of many amazing SEND bloggers and community groups to follow: (together we are stronger)

Round Two Voting



We visited The National Museum of Computing at the start of the holidays, where my son got a chance to look at the history of computers and played on games in the games and simulation gallery. He even got to experience how long some games that I played back in the day took to load. (as I laugh to myself). I will be writing up a full post explaining more about our day here.

On our way driving home, a flashing light on my car dashboard came on warning me to turn the engine off. I had to call for breakdown recovery. My car was overheating because the water pump was leaking. Luckily for me, my son’s dad is a mechanic. (problem solved)


My son and I went to the cinema to watch The Call of the Wild. I wasn’t too sure if I was going to like the film but was pleasantly surprised that I did. My son said that he enjoyed it too as he loves dog movies.

Today my son had a routine dental check-up, where his dentist was pleased with his oral health. His brushing technique has also improved. His previous orthodontist appointment was cancelled and rescheduled for next month. Apart from that, all is good.

This afternoon we met up with a couple of friends and their kids so that the children could enjoy some time trampolining.


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