Sand Art

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As my son was playing with the sand, he decided to make a sandcastle. Adding water to the sand in the bucket, (helping its shape form) he created a piece of art.

My son decorated the sandcastle using seashells.

Sand Painting

orange dots

I painted the canvas using black acrylic paint with a large paintbrush. My son sprinkled some sand across the black canvas and then we left it to dry.

Once dry, my son wanted to use purple, silver, orange, green and yellow acrylic paints, and with glitter.

He squeezed the paints all over the canvas creating an explosion of colour, dots and lines.

sand art painting

Sand and Slime

sand and slime

My son scooped some sand into a plastic container and added in some slime (from his slime kit). He enjoyed a bit of messy sensory play, stirring in the mixture together and then asking me to join in by feeling the texture with my fingers.

Coloured Sand in a Jar

a jar of coloured sand

We wanted to create coloured sand, so we used some food colouring (orange, blue and green) from the cooking cupboard. My son proceeded to mix in the dyes separately into some sand.

Using an empty cooking jar, he added in the different colours of sand to create layers and also patterns by poking a lollypop stick into the sand.

It’s amazing all the fun and creative ideas there are when it comes to using sand in art.

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