Cardboard Craft and Tie Dye

Cardboard Popcorn Holder

painting the teeth
Cardboard Popcorn Holder

Using cardboard, I helped my son fold and glue together a 3d shape of an animated face. We made ears, hair, and a nose too. My son then painted the cardboard craft figure using red and silver paint. He glued on googly eyes to make the design look more cartoon-like.

He scrunched up small pieces of paper, making them look like pretend popcorn. That’s when he decided that his creation would be a popcorn holder.

Cardboard Monkey

cardboard monkey
cardboard monkey

Looking through an activity book my son has on cardboard, he came across an image of a monkey with a hat, so he decided to draw this.

Using brown, black, dark green, purple, and yellow felt-tip pens, he coloured in the monkey design. My son drew an eyepatch on one side and glued on a googly eye on the other side.

making a monkey
making a monkey

He wanted the monkey to have a few gold teeth to finish the look.

monkey with a hat
monkey with a hat

Tie-Dye T-Shirts

tie die, t shirt
Tie-Dye T-Shirts

As part of the beach theme that we created over the Easter holidays, we wanted to tie-dye a t-shirt each, using a tie-dye kit.

My son dampened his t-shirt with water and scrunched it up, putting elastic bands around it. I decided to twist my t-shirt up first and then rolled it into a ball. (Different patterned designs depend on how you fold, twist, and spin the T-shirt)

He placed his t-shirt into a plastic orb, which is part of the kit. My son selected yellow and purple dyes then squeezed them one at a time into the plastic orb and then spun the ball by turning the handle.

Once he took the scrunched-up t-shirt out, I washed out the excess dye until the water was clear.

t shirt
t shirt drying

I hung up his tie-dye t-shirt in our flat, leaving it to dry until it is ready to wear.

For my t-shirt design, I decided to go with green and orange ink dyes.

Here are the finished T-shirt designs:

tie dye t shirts


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