Science Experiments

science experiment

Science Experiment 1: Thickening

thickening using corn starch, science experiment
thickening using corn starch

For our first science experiment, we used corn-starch (which is a thickening agent) placed into a beaker. My son then added some water into the mix. He then stirred in the mixture.

The texture changed, with the liquid becoming firmer, turning into a solid.


Science Experiment 2: Cheesemaking Process

cheesemaking process
Cheesemaking process

I warmed a small amount of milk up in which my son added vinegar and stirred.

pouring vinegar into the milk
pouring vinegar into the milk
warm milk and vinegar
warm milk and vinegar mixture

My son then strained the liquid using a sieve, leaving behind a substance. (cottage cheese).

Science Experiment 3: UV Rays from the Sun

threading the beads
UV Rays from the Sun

My son threaded the energy beads onto a string (great for improving fine motor skills). I tied the ends together, and we left the bracelet on the kitchen window seal, exposing it to the sun.

The beads changed colour pigment with the ultraviolet ray of light from the sun.

UV rays from the sun
lilac, purple and white bracelet

Science Experiment 4: Magnetism


Used the magnet stick, iron filings (black) and white sand, we poured the iron filings into one side of a petri dish. My son poured the white sand onto the other side.

iron filings
iron filings and white sand

Using a magnet stick inside a beaker, my son hovered it around the dish, picking up the iron filings and transferring them into another petri dish.

After this experiment, my son made artwork using both iron filings and white sand by moving around the iron filings using the magnet stick.

*Always seek adult supervision when conducting Science Experiments. We used the Learn and Climb Boom! Fun with Science kit that I paid for using my own money. This post is not sponsored. The content of this post is based on personal experience and is for information and educational purposes.