100th Blog Post

I cannot believe that I have reached my 100th Blog Post!

Thank you to everyone who has read about our experiences and followed my blog throughout the years. I still am amazed that I have written as much content as I have but being a blogger has allowed me the freedom to express myself, provide useful information on our days out, and hopefully helped people along the way.

My First Blog

My blogging journey all started with a blog post on our Halloween Visit at Waddesdon Manor back in October 2018. We enjoyed our visit, and there were no restrictions for my son. I was also impressed with their visual checklist, which my son used.


There are seven categories on my blog site:

  1. Arts and Crafts

Art is one of my son’s favourite subjects, and as a family, we create a lot of arts and crafts together. It is only fair that I dedicate a category on my blog to this.

  1. Autism Spectrum

The main topic of my blog is autism, as my son is autistic. I am not an expert, just a mum, and I hope when I write about autism-related topics that I do it justice. I write from a mother’s perspective, but I also listen to and gain direction from my son. He guides the way.

  1. Charities/Organizations/Bloggers

I like providing information about charities and businesses who provide support to people with disabilities and provide accessible services. One thing that I would like to build on is including more bloggers into this category.

  1. Education

My posts under this category focus on useful resources, templates, and science-related experiments too.

  1. Mental Health and Wellbeing

I know how important it is to have an opened conversation about mental health. It is useful to find activities, therapy, or techniques that work for you and helps improve wellbeing. Talking and writing about experiences helps.

  1. Rare Chromosome

Although my blog focuses on autism, my son has a rare chromosome disorder too, and it is essential to raise awareness (and acceptance) on 16p11.2 micro-duplication, our experiences and rare chromosome disorders altogether.

  1. Travel and Tourism

I blog about our days out within the UK, sharing our experiences and providing information on accessibility.


The top three most viewed post in the past 90 days are:

  • Autism Acceptance
  • Indoor Beach
  • Pelham Talking Alarm LCD Watch

The most viewed posts of all time are:

  • A Vintage 1940s Christmas at Bletchley Park
  • Halloween at Waddesdon Manor
  • Diagnosis: The Journey Ahead – Part One

Our Favourite Posts:

My son’s favourite posts are all the ones on our days out.

My favourite posts that I have written are:

  • Indoor Beach
  • Ironbridge Gorge Museum
  • A Vintage 1940s Christmas at Bletchley Park.

Future Posts

I am hoping to write more content on our days out (whenever that may be), art, and continue promoting acceptance. Apart from that, I like how my son steers the direction of my blog. He has a say of what content (including images) makes the final cut during the editing process.

Let us continue to inspire you through our journey and bring some fun and positivity along the way.


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