The past months I have been reading so much text that my brain is finding it hard to take it all in.

100th Blog Post

I cannot believe that I have reached my 100th Blog Post! Thank you to everyone who has read about our experiences and followed my blog throughout the years.

Johnny 5

While watching Short Circuit, I randomly blurted out that it would be cool to recreate Johnny 5 out of cardboard. My son thought that this would be a good idea.

Reflecting on the Lockdown Experience

What an experience these past months have been. Before lockdown, I was tired of feeling anxious, so, made a referral for support. After, I completed a few cognitive behaviour therapy sessions to improve my mental health and address my thoughts. Around a month later, we went into lockdown.

What’s On My Mind

I do feel that there is a blurred line between what is entertaining and what is inappropriate and blatantly mocking people for the way they were born.

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