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Art Studio at Home

  • This post is based on personal experience. There has been no payment or any commission received from the products shown in the photos.

A recurring theme throughout our blog is art. For us, art allows us to use what motivates and inspires us to create artwork. So what better way to explore different art forms then to set up an art studio at home.  

Well, we have finally created a small art studio at the back of our living room, which is what both my son and I need during this lockdown period. The art studio was in the process of being developed for months now.

It is all about making the most out of our home space and having fun as a family. Furthermore, creativity helps with our mental health and wellbeing during spending longer time indoors.

Art Studio

We have an adjustable art easel stand, (like a true artist) and blank canvases to paint. The tuff tray also gets used for floor-based artwork.

Having the option of an adjustable easel stand, tuff tray and desk with chair allows my son to have the flexibility on what positions and angles he chooses to create his art. Besides, how he creates art is dependent on how he feels and what works best for his fine motor skills and sensory needs.

Tuff tray allows for more heavy-work (rolling out air-dry clay) and works in a larger space, which allows for more proprioceptive input. Although he sometimes prefers creating paintings sitting upright. (It is all about choice).

Purchased initially for remote learning, the folding desk with chair is a perfect addition to our art studio. (I bought the sketchbook separately).

desk with chair

Like an Artist

Art studio

My son has always wanted a wooden paint palette to use.

wooden paint palette

The one we have had got a hole so that you can secure the palette with your thumb while painting. Of course, we have paintbrushes too and a paintbrush holder for them.

Art Supplies

We have gradually built up most of our art supplies over the years, and my son has received art supplies as gifts too for Christmas and previous birthdays.

We have a Drawer Tower where half is for school resources, and the other half contains art supplies.

felt tip pens

In the first drawer, we have paint marker pens, permanent markers, and felt tip pens (small and thick, and long). Over time, I have bought a range of felt tip pens to see which lids are easy for my son to open and which ones he finds best to grasp while colouring in.

wood slices

The second drawer contains round wood slices for painting or drawing decorative craft images for the house. The wood slices have a drilled hole at the top to put string or ribbon through to hang up.

scented markers, stirrers and pipettes

There are scented markers and scented pencils in the third drawer.

There are pipette droppers and wooden stick paint stirrers. (for liquid art, and science experiments at home).


The fourth drawer has coloured card and paper.

Storage Circle Holder

Storage Circle Holder

It is useful to have everything organised and in one place with a Storage Circle Holder. I have loaded our holder up with:

  • Pritt Sticks
  • PVA glue
  • Crayons
  • Gel pens
  • Colouring pencils
  • Felt tip pens.
  • Pencils
  • Colouring pencils with grips. (easy and more comfortable to hold)

Arts and Crafts Organiser

art and crafts organiser

The portable art and crafts organiser has plenty of space, including pull out trays for storage. In the organiser, we store our acrylic paints and acrylic pens.

We now have pastel pencils and graphite pencils (soft too hard lead) to include in our collection. (gifts) My son’s dad bought our son an artist smock to wear while painting.

Acrylic Paint Pouring

paint pouring supplies

Last year, my son enjoyed liquid art, so we have a set of acrylic pouring paint, which has acrylic mixed in with medium to make the paint thinner to pour. There is also a nice set of flower painting strainers, which help create unique patterns while pouring the liquid paint onto the canvas.

Craft Supplies

bags of fabric

Let us not forget about crafts too when it comes to having a tour of our art studio. There are a few bags of fabric and felt.

air dry clay and glue

We also have air dry clay and tools, rolling pin, printmaking tools, glue guns and sticks, and glue spreaders.

planks of wood and polystyrene blocks

I have kept a spray bottle, planks of wood, and polystyrene blocks, which can be used for art if my son wishes to use them.

Cardboard, larger pieces kept in the cupboard and smaller pieces in a storage box, forms part of our recycled art. We refrain from throwing cardboard away and reuse it instead to make incredible arts and craft.

Lastly, I hope to collect jars throughout the year to store any cogs, buttons, and smaller craft accessories.

I hope you enjoyed the online tour of our art studio!


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Blogging: Two Years On

I have been blogging now for over two years. A lot’s changed since when I first started.

New Look

Website with a New Tagline

As you may have noticed, my website has undergone a makeover! I even have a tagline: “Arts and Crafts, Autism and Life.” My website has the addition of an accessibility toolbar too.

Unusual Decision

Social Media

I have decided as a blogger to narrow my social media avenues for peace of mind and to set a good example to my son.  It is part of my learning experience over the years to set healthy boundaries.

I have had so many genuine conversations with lovely people (which I am thankful for); however, there is also another side to social media that is not as pleasant.

Our Story

My son and I

We have many factors which influence our lives and experiences. My son’s family (both sides combined) has a fusion of Italian, Sicilian, English, Scottish, Portuguese, and Black Caribbean. Art has also heavily influenced us as a family, and has played an essential part in our lives, from freedom of expression and showcasing individuality without harsh judgement.

Blogging 2021

A Road Heading to 2021

The blog will focus on my son’s interests, and after this year, I want to have more blogs that are uplifting and makes us smile. After the year that everyone has had, we need something to uplift our hearts.

Here are a few bullet points of what my son and I have listed of what this blog will focus on next year:


Colourful Artwork

There is so much more for my son to explore the world of art. We will be exploring different art movements, themes, line, shape, pattern, and colour. I cannot wait to see my son’s artwork develop and see which direction it will go.

Science Experiments

Science at Home

Looking back at our blogs, we were both in agreement that we had so much fun with the science experiment kits. My son loves it when we create science experiments at home.

Product Reviews

Products to Review

This year I planned on doing a lot more product reviews but did not manage to do so. Next year I will be reviewing assistive technology, kitchen aids and products that help with independent living. All products that I will be reviewing will be something that my son uses.

Food Fusion

Combining Food Flavours

My son enjoys experimenting and fusing contrasting flavours of food. He is keen on creating new food concepts or changing ingredients of original recipes. I always encourage creativity and love that he is coming up with his ideas.

Video Gaming

Playing Video Games

What we had planned and missed out on this year blogging about was visiting art galleries in London and a visit to The National Videogame Museum. We had planned to do this summertime, but obviously, our plans had to change.  My son is so good at playing video games and is quick at completing them. It is like a puzzle to him where he finds all the clues to put the pieces together. I do not have a clue about video gaming, so my son will be the one coaching me on what to write for these blogs.


Be Kind and Accept Each Other

I will still be blogging about awareness days around autism, rare disease and any other awareness days that have a lot of meaning to us and our experiences; Although, I will not just stick to these days to speak about these issues. I am not keen on the concept of speaking on significant issues for just that day, week, or month. These are ongoing issues that I will write about throughout the year as and when they impact us.


Looking After Myself

Writing about my mental health and wellbeing in a self-check-up form was helpful. I have taken the time to reflect on what has been going on in my life. I am going to continue to capture different moments and experiences that I go through as it is essential to be open about these experiences.

Random Day Blogs

Random Blogging

At times, I am a bit spontaneous and do not want to deny myself the freedom to be me. Sometimes some blogs do not fit in within any category, so I am happy with the inclusion of our random day blogs. These are blogs that do not fit the perceived traditional criteria within a structured blog. (Blogs that will confuse the algorithm).

So, this blog is a little snapshot of all the good things yet to come.

Blogging: Two Years On Audio

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Egg in a Shell

A storyteller of truth, wise words to be found,

The story starts with an egg; he was more oval than round.

Life is sometimes hard, so he puts on his shell,

The wolf knocked his wall down. Life wasn’t going so well.

The wall needs putting, back together again,

So, Mr Egg went home to fill in the paperwork to the big hen.

Working tirelessly to rebuild the wall, 14 hours a day at worst,

Some chickens ran past hurling grains shouting, “we were here first”!

“They boiled me for too long”, Mr Egg said with a frown,

I need to get out of this pan and need to cool down.

As he walked home, thoughts scrambled around in his head,

He worked hard for £67.25 a week, but now sadly went off to bed.

“I wish I could, quantum leap into the future by any means of transport”,

Poor Mr Egg tried rebuilding the wall, but he needed more support.

The next day at work no one talked to Mr Egg, no conversation,

He continued rebuilding the wall through the hurt and frustration.

A few kind men with their horses tried to help too,

But too many walls needed rebuilding, there was too much work to do.

It’s a complex situation, but Mr Egg finally rebuilt the wall,

It was gleaming brightly; It was standing tall.

See the big hen authorised the correct tools to assist,

Meaning no delays or time missed.

He had new tools but used the same bricks to scaffold one at a time,

The original bricks went through some weathering, but they still are fine.

The moral of the story always comes at the end,

Mr Egg needed some help, but the biggest lesson is that:

The wall was never broken in the first place, my friend.

This poem is Copyright © Positively ASD


New Year 2021

*This post is for information purposes only and based on personal experience. I received no payment or commission for the external link in the post.

New year, same me but with a little more sass.

Last year I was way too stressed, and even though circumstances in the outside environment are still out of my control, I am determined this year to make mine and my son’s time at home light-hearted. I shall try and shift any anxious energy into my creative zone.

I do not want to transform into the unrecognisable person I was towards the end of last year.

It appears I have now regained my confidence and essence of being unapologetically myself, and I do not want to lose that again.

5 Ideas for 2021

So, I have decided to make a list of my top 5 things to do in 2021 during these strange times:

1 Feng Shui My Home

Spending a lot more time indoors (lately) has made me take more notice of my home environment. At times, I have felt a bit closed in, so my son and I moved a few items around.

Feng Shui works well for my son as he likes everything in our home to be tidy and balanced. Contrary to this, the only exception is DVDs where he prefers the sets to be in trilogies. Otherwise, we have a few identical items in our living room. For example, we have a small sofa on the left-hand side of the room and another on the right. We also have a slim DVD storage tower on the left-hand side of the room and the same DVD tower on the right.

This year we are focusing on having clutter-free rooms and creating more open space. I will be researching in more detail the positioning of furniture when it comes to Feng Shui.

We want to make most of our indoor environment to ensure we create a positive flow, of energy throughout the rooms.  

2 Cake Decorating

It has been a while since I have baked a cake and decorated it; therefore, I want to revisit cake decorating as it is a hobby that gives me great delight.

The cake decorating supplies are all in our baking cupboard, sitting there ready to be used again.  

My son will be joining me and learning how to use modelling paste to create decorations. I cannot wait to show him how to create a few designs.

You can refer to my Wellbeing and Mindfulness blog to look at some of the sugarcraft decorations I created.

3 Learn a New Skill

I know that learning a new skill in January sounds cliché, but it is a great idea to do for the start of a new year.

E-learning is easily accessible at home so I could enrol onto a new course. There are other ideas, such as learn a new language or photography. I, however, may opt for something random, something that I would never think of doing.

For now, I will be looking online for a new skill to learn, to bring a bit of excitement to this year.

Here is a link to an external blog on 10 New Skills to Learn for 2021.

4 Bucket List

Well, a travel bucket list is way out of the question, but there are other categories to explore. My son wants to create a games bucket list.

There are bucket lists that focus on personal development, movies to watch, relationships and health.

It will be great to list realistic ideas that can be achieved at home and to prevent any boredom.

We will be posting a couple of our bucket list in the coming months. These bucket lists will keep us entertained.

5 Fitness

As I will be baking more cakes this year, I will be increasing the amount of working out I’ll be doing.

Gone were the days (years ago) when I jogged outdoors, but the previous months had me feeling lethargic.

It is so easy to spend a lot of time on the sofa being at home more often. (especially during the colder months) So, my son and I will be stretching and moving around more to keep fit and warm.  

We have an adjustable fitness stepper to use indoors, and my son can use the resistance bands, which helps with proprioceptive input. There is a twist board to help improve balance.

I have a couple of workout DVDs too, including Yoga workout and step aerobics.


Blogging in 2020

Firstly, I would like to say well done to all the bloggers who uploaded content this year. I, at times, found it challenging to motivate myself to blog about our experiences. I even had a moment of wanting to give up being a blogger.

In December, I managed to regain my spark, followed by some optimism to continue blogging.

Blogging Statistics and Insights

In terms of traffic to my blog (people visiting my website), in January and February, I secured 1,907 views. Afterwards, there was a dip in views, until July and August (the summer months).

The activity then seemed to settle. I had traffic to my site, but not as much as the summer months. I lost my blogger’s mojo around this point, and to be fair to myself, I had a SEND tribunal hearing too so was occupied.

Then out of nowhere, the traffic increased in December at 1,042 views.

The most popular posts in 2020 from the content I wrote in previous years are listed below:

Here are the most popular posts in 2020 from the newer posts I wrote this year:


I am going to first look at the top referrers to my blog in 2019. The top referrers in 2019 came from:

  1. Facebook
  2. WordPress Reader
  3. Search Engines
  4. Pinterest

The top referrers in 2020 came from:

  1. Search Engines
  2. WordPress Reader
  3. Facebook
  4. Pinterest


The statistics for top views in 2020 in terms of countries are as follows:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. United States of America
  3. Australia
  4. India

Final Thoughts

Blogging in 2020 Final Thoughts

The plan for next year is anything we cannot do outdoors; we will create indoors. (It is all about creativity).

What I acknowledge about myself as an individual, is that I do overthink. My new approach for my blog in 2021 is to try to do less explaining and more doing. It is time to have the fun side of me back!

I shall finish this blog by saying a Happy New Year to you all, and best wishes for 2021!


New Year’s Eve 2020

So where do I start? I must admit,

2020 has been pretty….exhausting.

Stuck in an emotional vortex for nearly a year,

Amid pressure, uncertainty, and fear.

Attending a SEND tribunal hearing, and socially distancing from people,

Overcoming unnecessary barriers to ensure my son is treated, as an equal.

Finding inner strength when feeling broken, stressed out and vulnerable,

Ensuring he has a fair chance to achieve his goals.

By no means has this year been a paragon,

At times, it has felt more like a marathon.

From shielding, three monthly wellbeing check-ups, feeling optimistic to sad,

It is easy to overlook the good times; not all experiences have been bad.

We’ve enjoyed our walking ventures, indoor beach, camping, and making Jonny 5,

Knocked down but now on the way up, our spirits have been revived.

For 2021, we have plenty of creative fun in-store,

This year, we have experienced a lot of drama, so we don’t want any more.

Thank you to the kind people, the Samaritans out there,

Who have morals and passion, and genuinely care.

2020, it has been nice knowing you, but I bid you adieu.

No offence but I can’t wait to see the back of you.

With gratitude and hope, whatever the future holds.

Take time day by day, while watching events unfold.

With love and care, well wishes to all.

Capture the present moments, no matter how small.

As 2020 passes on the baton to 2021,

“It’s your turn now, my friend, take care of everyone.”