Halloween 2020

My son chose three plastic skeleton figures when he was shopping with his dad last year. For some strange reason, the figure on the right reminds me of the Skeksis character from Dark Crystal.

We decided to create an indoor camping theme in our flat using a sensory den instead of a tent.

Paint Pouring

My son wanted to try a different art technique, so I decided to introduce him to fluid painting, which is a form of abstract art.

Johnny 5

While watching Short Circuit, I randomly blurted out that it would be cool to recreate Johnny 5 out of cardboard. My son thought that this would be a good idea.

Reflecting on the Lockdown Experience

What an experience these past months have been. Before lockdown, I was tired of feeling anxious, so, made a referral for support. After, I completed a few cognitive behaviour therapy sessions to improve my mental health and address my thoughts. Around a month later, we went into lockdown.

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