May Half Term

As my son was bonding with his dad, my partner and I attended the Celebration of Disability Sports Activities at Riverside Square in Bedford. The sun was beaming, and it was a lovely day to honour inclusive sports.

From Fear to Fixation

As a young child, my son had a fear of ventriloquist dummies, people wearing masks and fear of mascots and characters. He did not like anything that falsely represented a human as it caused confusion. (Is it real or not?) He also has a fear of flies.

MK Gallery: Art and Us

Art and Us is a 3-year programme, which promotes creativity and accessibility for children aged 5+ with complex needs. Supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Milton Keynes Community Foundation, Art and Us allows children to express themselves as well as incorporating a family approach to art.

February Half Term 2019

I always do a countdown for my son in the lead up to any school holiday because he has a poor perception of time, understanding of the seasons and days of the week. If it has no relevance to him, then he is not interested. This particular half-term has led to more confusion as although his half term holiday has already started, in other counties some children are off school next week.

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