100th Blog Post

I cannot believe that I have reached my 100th Blog Post! Thank you to everyone who has read about our experiences and followed my blog throughout the years.

Blogging: One Year On

I have been a blogger now for just over a year. The biggest lesson that I have learnt about blogging is that there is a lot more that goes into it than just writing content.

Carers Week

This week is Carers Week and is all about getting carers connected and ensuring that carers get the right support.


Nclude are an organisation situated in Buckinghamshire, who provide training and support to people with learning disabilities.

Nclude are part of Talkback, who help individuals gain confidence, build self-esteem and have their own voice.

MK Gallery: Art and Us

Art and Us is a 3-year programme, which promotes creativity and accessibility for children aged 5+ with complex needs.

Supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Milton Keynes Community Foundation, Art and Us allows children to express themselves as well as incorporating a family approach to art.

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