In the Middle of Nowhere

*The words in this post are entirely my own and represent my feelings only. Some of the words may be emotionally triggering. The words are freedom of expression through a creative art form known as poetry.   Our journey is at a standstill with nowhere to go, Ever wondered what it feels like being a... Continue Reading →

Dyslexia: From Struggle To Strength

… I loathed reading and dreaded reading in front of my peers. As the English teacher would go around the class, choosing pupils to read aloud, I would be thinking please not me. When it was my time to read, I remember that I would frequently skip sentences in the book, occasionally stuttered or blended two words.

PECS: Phase 3 and Phase 4

In last week’s post: Picture Exchange Communication System, I shared my experiences of using PECS and from my understanding, explained Phase 1 and Phase 2. In this post, I will be explaining Phase 3 and Phase 4.

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