My Day At The Autism Show

My partner and I attended The Autism Show in London, on Friday 14th June. We decided to go on Friday rather than the Saturday as I knew that the train journey would have been a bit overwhelming for my son.

May Half Term

As my son was bonding with his dad, my partner and I attended the Celebration of Disability Sports Activities at Riverside Square in Bedford. The sun was beaming, and it was a lovely day to honour inclusive sports.

Planning Days Out

Most of the places we visit relate to art or science, two of my son's favourite subjects. He also loves anything connected with water like aquariums or going to the seaside.

Buckinghamshire County Museum

We decided to visit Buckinghamshire County Museum in Aylesbury. The museum has an induction loop at the reception desk and also showcase local talent with its Buckinghamshire Displays. The museum has a Special Exhibitions Gallery, Tudor House, and The Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery.

Easter Fun at Animal Antiks

Yesterday we visited Animal Antiks on Manor Farm in Buckinghamshire. The Easter fun day cost £25 and included an Easter egg hunt where the children had to find the painted wooden Easter eggs around the farm.

A Day Out at Thomley

On 23rd February 2019, me, my son and my partner visited Thomley, which is located in Worminghall, Buckinghamshire. Thomley is a 9 acre site in the countryside aimed to provide a supportive environment with “a wide variety of play, leisure, creative and vocational opportunities for disabled people”

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