Celebrations and Days of the Week

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When we celebrated New Year’s Eve, my son was clueless as to why we would be celebrating coming into a new year. “If we celebrate a year then we should celebrate a month” he would say. The questions would continue: “if we have a Mother’s Day then why don’t we have a family day or a son day?” After looking on the internet, I would discover that there is actually such a thing as International Day of Families and Children’s Day.

Concept of Time.

Even though my son has a talking alarm clock, which tells you what day it is as well as the time, he still struggles with the concept of time. I have lost count of how many times he has asked me, “is it the weekend?” He would know what day it was, however, had no concept of weekday and weekend. Luckily, I soon realized that I was replying verbally to him and we kept on having the same conversation over and over. I was approaching this all in the wrong way. I needed to show him in a way that he could understand.

Weekdays and the Weekend.

I thought of a visual way to explain to my son the concept of weekday and weekend.

Something small enough to fit in his pocket.

weekdays and weekend visual support
weekdays and weekend visual support.

Nonetheless, I created a template, which I printed off and laminated. I then cut around the days of the week. I finished this off by marking an area where I pierced a whole (mind the fingers… health and safety) and then used a split fastener to hold it together. The days that fall under the weekend are in a different colour to the weekdays.

days of the week template, visual support
finished weekdays and weekend sample.

Below are free templates of the days of the week in English, Italian and Spanish:

Days of the Week Templates.

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