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Positively ASD is a personal weblog that publishes general information, and is based on personal experience.

Copyright law protects the blog. including written content, videos, images, and original artwork.

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I reserve the rights to delete any comments deemed to be offensive, spam, or including profanity. I will delete comments that contain any hate speech towards an individual or group.


All content published on here is for information purpose only. The use of information from this site is at your responsibility, and at your own risk.

Positively ASD site owner will not be liable for the reliance, suitability, or misuse of data from the site. The loss of income and any loss or damages of information is not my liability.

Downloadable Files

Any loss and damage resulting from a corrupted, or damaged downloadable files, liability is of the user.

Seek Professional Advice

Each person is different, and may have needs that cannot be met using the same approach. There are no guarantees that any information, or experiences written in the blog will give you the same results that we have experienced.

Never replace professional advice with information from the blog.

To seek professional advice, refer to a social, health, and educational provider.

Any legal information provided on this site is for general information and educational purposes only. Always seek legal advice from legal advisors.

Personal Views

Being a blog, the posts on the site are based on personal experience.

Positively ASD makes no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy and validity of information on this site.

The views on Positively ASD are of my own, and not the views of any third parties, charities, and businesses mentioned on the site.

Charities and Businesses

Sometimes, I volunteer to write posts for charities and/or businesses.

There was no payment or commission received for writing these posts. Unless, otherwise written on the post that payment was received.

I only write about charities, services, and products that we have personally used/been to, have found helpful in our circumstance, or intend on using in the future. Products reviewed on the blog, and/or tickets purchased from days out are paid by the owner of the blog. When payment has been received, this is written in the disclaimer of any post.

External Links and Websites

I have no control of the nature of data, and/or content provided by third-party websites from the external links.

The external websites linked from the blog are not monitored by the blog owner. Review the information with caution.

External links to the products, and services that we have used are provided on the blog for information purposes.

I receive no money from any external link on the site. I am not liable for any loss of income, reliance, suitability, and misuse of product and service.

It is your responsibility and at your free will to purchase any product or service mentioned on this site.


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