Family Art: Part 2

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Session 4.

My son, brother, sister in law, nieces and boyfriend attended the fourth session for our family art.

Raised Salt Painting.

Our first activity was creating raised salt paintings using salt and PVA glue. For this, my son created a butterfly, which he painted blue and red.

Hand Casting.

For our next activity, my son and nieces created hand castings, using moulding powder plaster.

Modelling Clay.

They then made modelling clay while trying to learn and figure out how to balance the wet and dry ingredients to get the right consistency.

My son formed a shoe and carved the detail into it.

My youngest niece created a masterpiece too.

niece’s sculpture.

Interactive Family Art.

We had a lot of fun with an interactive art activity. For this we used plastic balls dipped into paint, fabric and a large black tuff tray. We all held the tuff tray with the fabric on to roll the balls around to create an art piece, which I thought was very inventive.

Sensory Art.

For our last activity of the day, we explored sensory play with different textures. (Wet textures, coloured spaghetti, all contained in large plastic sealed pouch taped down onto the table). The children then used fabric pens to draw on top of this.

There were even surprise eggs, that the children opened up, placed on a large roll of paper on the floor and explored.

Session 5.

For our fifth session, the same family members from session 4 attended this one.

Art in Body Movement.

The theme was “travel to the land of colour”, where our children covered us in colourful fabrics and danced in motion to travel to this land.

travelling to the land of colour.

We explored art through storytelling and body movement.

Landscape Paintings.

We looked at how to create landscape paintings, with a focus on colour, shape and composition.

Our children learnt about the different shades of colour in the sky and clouds. We explored the various shades of blue, light and shade and mixing colours.

We investigated the colour palette used for landscape painting and considered the colours that come through in the sky and clouds with the impact of weather changes.


We studied art in architecture, looking at different building designs and use of colour, shape, pattern and cultural influence.

son drawing a house.

Us adults then stood up in a line so that our children could sculpture our bodies to form shapes that represented houses. From this, we were able to see their interpretation of what a house looks like to them.

We then finished off our landscape by drawing and painting our houses.

Session 6.

My boyfriend, son and I attended our sixth session. This session’s theme was printing, with a focus on Goosebumps characters. My son loves Goosebumps, with his special interest being Slappy the Dummy (as some of you already know).

Goosebumps Monsters.

The artist had printouts of the Goosebumps monsters, which my son could easily name. He decided to test out my knowledge to see if I knew any of the names. I only knew about four (I let the team down).

We used polystyrene sheets (used for printing) to draw our monsters on and carved them in using a pencil.

My son carved the werewolf and a few other characters, focusing on attention to detail.


He worked out pretty quickly that the more pattern and detail you carved in, the better the colours of the print came out.

My son also had the idea to use two different colours for one of his prints.

red and black print.

The artist created a Goosebumps print and a Mummy print.

I drew and carved a couple of Goosebumps monsters along with Slappy the Dummy (at my son’s request).

Overall, we created both separate prints and a roll of prints.

The Art and Us sessions have given us plenty of opportunities to explore and expand our creativity. We have also learnt how to develop new techniques in art. The best part for us about the programme is that we were able to experience this as a family.

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