Fizz, Glow In The Dark and Being Creative

Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

Science Kit.

This week, my son and I decided to do a few science experiments at home, using the Learn and Climb Boom! Fun with Science kit that I bought. This kit has more than 60 experiments of educational fun. The science kit also comes with both an instruction manual and DVD to explain each experiment.

Together, we made a glow in the dark bouncy ball.

My son used water, polymer beads and a glow in the dark potion to make a glow in the dark keychain.

We completed another experiment called Colour Absorbing Polymers.

My son then mixed different textures creating a sensory activity, which he explored using his hands. (He washed his hands afterwards).

When my son was younger, he would not be able to do this. My son disliked mess. I had to use wipes to clean his hands all the time he got a bit of mess on him. I had to encourage him to be messy instead of asking him not to make a mess. Now he is still a tidy person; however, he has no problems getting messy. It’s not a big issue for him anymore.

Next, my son chose a dramatic experiment for us to do called Acids and Bases. We were fascinated by the fizz reaction.

Overall, my son thoroughly had fun using the science kit, and we have plenty more experiments to do in future. Lots of educational fun too! It was also good practice for my son, pouring the liquid into the test tubes and picking up small objects.

Arts and Craft.

My son created his very own fidget toy called Billy, which I thought was very resourceful. I think he is onto something here. He used pipe cleaners to make him.

a photo of my son's homemade fidget toy made from pipe cleaners
Billy made from pipe cleaners.

He also made a cardboard creation called Nedgar. I honestly don’t know how he comes up with these names, but it’s very creative.

Firstly, we made papier Mâché by mixing water and PVA glue in a bowl. We followed this up by blowing up a balloon then dipped strips of newspaper into the mixture.

We then covered the balloon and left the covered balloon overnight.

painted monster
painted monster.

My son painted our masterpiece red with black teeth.

Disclaimer: This blog is for information and educational purposes. Always have adult supervision when using Science Kits and conducting Science Experiments. This post is also based on personal experience and I did not receive any payment or commission for writing this.