May Half Term

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Celebration of Disability Sports Activities.

Over the weekend, my son enjoyed spending some quality time with his dad. They went to the cinema to watch Aladdin, which they both found funny. My partner and I also watched Aladdin at the cinema, but on different days. As my son was bonding with his dad, my partner and I attended the Celebration of Disability Sports Activities at Riverside Square in Bedford. The sun was beaming in Bedford, and it was a lovely day to honour inclusive sports.

My son attends swimming lessons that are catered for children/young people on the autism spectrum. Over the years, I have been keen on finding out more about disability sports and sports for people with learning disabilities.

I was pleased to see that there is more variety in sporting activities for people with disabilities, not just specific to one type of disability. Football, tennis, swimming, lawn bowls and archery, to name a few. I also found it humbling and appreciated that a few members at the stands took the time out to answer my questions and thoroughly explained to me what activities there are to offer. You can tell just by speaking to someone that they love their job and are passionate about promoting sports that’s accessible to people with disabilities.

We finished the day off by sitting by the river in Bedford and drinking a Sicilian Lemonade, which quenched my thirst.

sicilian lemonade
Sicilian lemonade.

 Cinema Time.

On Monday, we had a second visit to the cinema, but this time with my son. We watched The Secret Life of Pets 2.

My partner comprised a list of movies out this year at the cinema and their release date.

cinema table, list of movies, films
a list of films out at the cinema.

My son has a preference of who he wants to see a movie with. I went through the list with him, so we know which films he would like to watch with:

  • His dad.
  • Me and my partner.
  • Myself (mum and son time).
  • His grandparents and myself.

We even sorted out the films that my partner and I will watch together. This is all part of being a blended family and making sure that no one gets left out.

Outdoors Fun.

Firstly, we played some football and went on a nature trail down a local woodland. Likewise, we have a lot of foxes close to where we live, so we were hoping to see one. We did not see a fox this time.

I have created a visual nature trail checklist for my son for whenever we go out for a walk. It is always fun to have a bit of a scavenger hunt outdoors.

Nature Trail Checklist.

(Free Template).

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Arts and Crafts.

For any art lover, they would be in heaven. We have acrylic paint, watercolour, crayons, card, pipe cleaners and plenty more art supplies!

With the haunted house from the Goosebumps movie as our inspiration, we experimented with acrylic paint onto a piece of cardboard. We also added some felt. This art piece is in working progress, but it is coming together well.

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