Pelham Talking Alarm LCD Watch

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The Pelham Talking Alarm LCD Watch is a digital audio watch for people with visual impairments. Furthermore, the watch is advertised as a men’s watch on some sites, and on other sites for ladies. Its price ranges from £8.34 to £17.99, depending on the supplier.

I wanted to find a product for my son that’s easy to use and has an audio prompt.

Key Features.

audio watch key features, talking watch
audio watch key features.

The Pelham watch has a talking feature in an American female voice. Likewise, the design comes in black and silver, with a black strap. Moreover, this talking watch is oversized for function. (good for people with visual impairments).

You have the option of setting the watch to a 12- or 24-hour format.

The watch has 4 buttons:

4 Buttons.
  1. Mode.
  2. Talking.
  3. Set.
  4. ADJ.

The holes in the strap are big, compared to standard watches, making it easier to adjust and fit around your wrist.

Watch Strap.

The Pelham watch needs 1 x CR2016 battery, which comes with the purchase.

pelham audio watch, watch, talking watch
Close up of the audio watch.

Alarms and Format.

It has 4 alarms that you can set for reminders and/or medication. The watch also has a stopwatch function.

You can adjust and set the time, date, month, and year. In addition, the watch displays the time at the bottom of the screen in digital format, and the day in the top left corner (in abbreviation).

digital watch, watch in digital format
digital watch.

If you press and hold down the SET button, it will announce the date: “Today is the …”


The watch comes with an important message labelled on its screen, explaining how to activate it.

watch instructions, audio watch
watch instructions.

The instructions explain the features, settings, how to set the alarms, and how to record lap times. There are also 2 different instructions for the plastic and metal models for how to replace the battery.

Pros and Cons.


Digital/easy format.

Ease of use.

Can announce the time every hour.

Has a timer to use as a stopwatch.


Has 4 alarms.


Battery included.


Talking watch volume control (volume cannot be adjusted).

Voice cannot be changed.

Days are displayed in abbreviation.

Not stylish.


The day displayed in abbreviation may not be a disadvantage for you, but in my son’s case, it confuses him. Furthermore, he’s already said that “WE” should be Wednesday; so, I have created him a table so that he can relate the abbreviation with the day:

days of the week and abbreviations
days of the week and abbreviations.


Because of the oversized design of the watch, it is not very stylish. Conversely, the same brand and other competitors offer more stylish talking watches ranging from £22.99 to £99.00. Lastly, there are a couple on the market advertised at a similar price to this watch.


conclusion on watch.

The Pelham Talking Watch has mixed reviews online. For example, some say it’s durable, and others say that the buttons fell off. On the other hand, some people say it’s audio-friendly and a couple people wrote that the accent’s hard to understand.

I purchased this watch a month ago for my son, and we have had no faulty bits, and it’s still intact. It all depends on what quality you expect to get for the price that you are paying. At £8.34, I can’t really complain. It serves its’ purpose.

I was surprised that for an oversized watch, it isn’t heavy at all. Also, if you have difficulty with fine motor skills, then this watch is easy to put on and to take off.

Although this watch is targeted for people with visual impairments, I feel that it would also be beneficial for someone who struggles with telling the time, and for someone who is autistic and finds it useful having an audio prompt.

If the style of a watch is essential to you, then be prepared to pay more in price. If you are looking for a watch that is designed for function and fulfils a need, then this watch may be for you.

Disclaimer: This blog is a review of an audio watch that my son uses. The contents in this blog is for information and educational purposes only. I received no payment or any other commission for writing this post.

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