Artwork Gallery

Firstly, here is a page dedicated to my son’s artwork and creations that he has produced over the years. Additionally, I wanted to dedicate a page to showcase his talent, creativity and skills.

Furthermore, below are images of his thoughts and vision, a place of freedom and expression.

My son’s artwork

  • A painting of an abstract skull
  • A collage of artwork based on fruits
  • fluid painting
  • paint pouring
  • steampunk skull art
  • A painting of an abstract skull
  • fake fire flames
  • slappy figure, slappy the dummy
  • Goosebumps cardboard figure
  • an image of Slappy Artwork made by my son
  • painting goosebumps haunted house
  • my sons artwork of negatrivitron of little big planet
  • waves
  • a photo of my son's homemade fidget toy made from pipe cleaners
  • cardboard art

All images are copyright (c) Positively ASD

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What is art?

Lastly, for those of you who are art lovers, below is a link to Wikipedia’s definition and information to what is art?

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