The Health Triangle: Mental Health

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Feelings and Mental Health.

Having a healthy mind is something that I have been working on both for myself and with my son. At home, I incorporate a lot of art activities to do with my son to form a discussion where he feels comfortable to discuss his feelings.

by the lake thinking.

Discussing Feelings.

I am open about discussing my feelings with my son, and this is something different from my upbringing. (Not because of my parents but as a generational thing). We didn’t discuss our emotions openly. I also feel that it is healthy for my son to know that he is not alone when he has a fear, and it is perfectly ok to go through times when you are feeling unsure or vulnerable.


My son and I have been working through some activities from books on anxiety, mental health and wellbeing at home. I have also accessed outside support.

You can also look at my post the year of self-discovery where I talk about sleep and having time to myself.

Healthy Relationship.

A decision that I made is not to have bathroom scales in my flat to weigh myself. As a teenager, I would weigh myself every day and would feel upset if I had gained a pound. The weighing became obsessive and unhealthy. I no longer feel the need to continuously check my weight, as in adulthood have developed a healthy relationship, with my body.

Women’s Health Check.

First of all, I do go to the doctors for a women’s health check and get weighed there. I can see the importance of that from a medical perspective.

I guess it is all about having a healthy balance and being in-tune with your body.


I have to be mentally prepared to motivate myself to exercise, and I feel that now, all three of us are committed to improving our physical health compared to three months ago.

Disclaimer: This post is based on personal experience, and the views are my own. Always seek professional advice from a health care provider for your health needs.