What Day Is It?

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Auto Drive.

Apologies if this blog seems a bit sporadic, but that is how my life has been at the moment. It almost feels like I am on auto-drive not knowing what day it is but continuing with my day to day duties.

I have been feeling tired and a bit irritable; however, I have already reached my low emotional point and am gradually motivating myself and am not feeling as overwhelmed as before.


Nesting: cleaning the house.

Almost after every announcement on tv on the news of any changes that impact our day to day lives, I go into nesting mode. I get a sudden urge to declutter and deep-clean my flat. I guess it is my way of feeling like I have some control of my life.


Art supplies.

I was looking for a project so that we have something to look forward to, that would help uplift us. (We need to have fun!).

With my son’s happy approval, we are looking at creating a mini-art studio at the back of our living room. I have always called this space my son’s art studio, but now we are going to make it official.

I have been collecting jars and empty tins to reuse them as storage for our art supplies.

Our mini art studio is still in the early stages of development, but both my son and I are excited to make great use of this space for something we both enjoy doing.

Hello October.

October: Halloween Season.

My son mentioned the “Halloween” word, hinting that he is interested in creating Halloween inspired arts and crafts again. We may do some baking again for Halloween too.

Once again, nothing overly exciting, but I had thought I keep you up to date of our week.